Legal Harassment

While researching how to shut down the ex from his never-ending whining and crying to the courts about not getting what he wants – like a two-year-old throwing a major tantrum crying to his mommy – I came across this article.  I urge you to click on it and read through it.  Should you ever find yourself in such a predicament, having some inkling of what it’s all about will help keep you sane.

Abuse Sanctuary – Abusive Stalking Using The Courts

Well, what do you know.  It’s a perfect fit for the situation at hand.  Unfortunately, these actions can cause a lot of harm – especially financially.  My budget is tight as it is.  Because I am not a lazy unemployed drug dealer like he is, I do not qualify for waivers of court fees nor can I afford to pay somebody to write my documents for me.  I pay my filing fees, for copy and print services, for legal advise when I need it, and when I pay for these things, I have to pull money from regular household expenses.  Recently, there were three court cases he had me in.  I was successful in having one dismissed.  These other two will go through to the end.  That means more missed work, more filing fees, more copy and print fees, and more paperwork to keep me away from spending time with my son.  This is harassment.  My son and I now have to move because court costs have caused me to fall to far behind on rent and other bills.  I’m close to losing my job because my employer wants somebody who can be here full time.  I can’t say that I blame him.  This has been going on for a year and a half now.  My patience is wearing thin and I’m sure my employer’s patience has worn out completely.

But!  Guess what?



Saved by the Grace of God,