As if. Daddy always did say I had a little problem with authority and I also had a little problem keeping my mouth shut. Would you believe I actually got detention in kindergarten because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut? Who gets the detention in kindergarten? Me that’s who.

Daddy made a bet with me that I would not survive basic training for the military because of my mouth. He almost won that bet. Almost. I did get in trouble and I did get threatened to be relieved from my position before I even got a chance to get to it but I made it and I won the bet. I actually think he made the bet to get me to join the military. But I’m thankful that I did because it was a really great experience and a wonderful adventure through life.

I still have trouble with authority.  But, I’m learning and getting better at what I do best – run my mouth. I don’t think that’s what I do best, but lately, I’ve been doing it quite well. A few things I’m not allowed to speak about right now, but there are other things that I can continue to tell the world about and those things I cannot tell are things I would not tell at this time anyway.  I’ve learned that just because I’m able to continue to use my voice, that doesn’t mean everyone is or everyone should.  We each must face the nightmares in our own way and our own time.

It’s been said that I should just move on and get past this and basically forget that it ever happened. Well, it’s just not that easy. You can’t just forget about a man molesting  and sexually abusing  and physically abusing  and mentally abusing and tearing apart  your family  from the inside out until there’s nothing left.

the devil fears

Imagine your child through the ages 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 years old. Now imagine you just found out that during those ages your child was sexually assaulted on a regular basis by a family member; more days of the week than not.

Now forget about it and act like it never happened and move on with your life. The perpetrator’s not going to pay for it. He gets to be free. You have to deal with all the damage. And on top of that, the perpetrator gets half custody of your child. That was against the law but the law doesn’t matter here does it?

But but but…. pretend like it never happened and move on with your life and don’t do anything about it. Don’t hold a grudge; just let it go. Can you do it?

This is not something petty. The seriousness of this crime has been completely ignored by the person calling differences petty, but I can’t get into that here and I will explain later.

Right now the only thing I’m going to do is leave you a little something to read. The names have been blacked out to protect the innocent. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Tonight anyway.

"...she told her father no. ...her father grabbed her by her belt loop and pulled her closer to him and stuck his hand into her pants."
From the Office Report for Incident 10-06545 Nature of Incident: Sexual Abuse/Molestation ***Public Information***
"he dad pulled her pants down from behind and began touching her...she told her dad not to touch her because she was saving herself for when she got married...her dad told her I understand."
From the Office Report for Incident 10-06545 Nature of Incident: Sexual Abuse/Molestation ***Public Information***
"...her father...had come into her room while she was sleeping. ... her father got into bed with her. ... her father pulled her ... closer to him by putting his hands on her waist and pulling her. ..."
From the Office Report for Incident 10-06545 Nature of Incident: Sexual Abuse/Molestation ***Public Information***

Legal Harassment

While researching how to shut down the ex from his never-ending whining and crying to the courts about not getting what he wants – like a two-year-old throwing a major tantrum crying to his mommy – I came across this article.  I urge you to click on it and read through it.  Should you ever find yourself in such a predicament, having some inkling of what it’s all about will help keep you sane.

Abuse Sanctuary – Abusive Stalking Using The Courts

Well, what do you know.  It’s a perfect fit for the situation at hand.  Unfortunately, these actions can cause a lot of harm – especially financially.  My budget is tight as it is.  Because I am not a lazy unemployed drug dealer like he is, I do not qualify for waivers of court fees nor can I afford to pay somebody to write my documents for me.  I pay my filing fees, for copy and print services, for legal advise when I need it, and when I pay for these things, I have to pull money from regular household expenses.  Recently, there were three court cases he had me in.  I was successful in having one dismissed.  These other two will go through to the end.  That means more missed work, more filing fees, more copy and print fees, and more paperwork to keep me away from spending time with my son.  This is harassment.  My son and I now have to move because court costs have caused me to fall to far behind on rent and other bills.  I’m close to losing my job because my employer wants somebody who can be here full time.  I can’t say that I blame him.  This has been going on for a year and a half now.  My patience is wearing thin and I’m sure my employer’s patience has worn out completely.

But!  Guess what?



Saved by the Grace of God,


Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire.

  There are FIVE different emotional abuses in these two posts.  You wonder why my son doesn’t trust you, JJ?  You will know on Friday.  I will not allow you to cause my child any harm.  We have been over this before.  If you want a visit, you already know what you have to do.  You would rather spend your money on drugs and alcohol than on visiting with my son.  In case you’ve forgotten, review the You-Tube under this posting.  Thank you and have a nice day.
Because every fucking thing he said was bullshit.
Devon said he is not falling for the truck trick.  Each child has “had” their first vehicle in JJ’s possession and each child has had their first vehicle sold by JJ before they even had a chance to drive it.  Just like JJ got a dirt bike for Devon.  JJ and Devon were going to fix it up nice and Devon was going to learn how to ride.  JJ sold it on Craigslist.  Deven never did learn to ride.  At least my boyfriend worked on it a little with Devon and got it running.  That’s more than JJ has ever done.


He’s made 3 child support payments, December, January, and March, since the day the divorce was finalized on July 18, 2014. He can visit with Devon anytime he pleases. All he has to do is call Milly and schedule the visit. Milly will call me and I will be sure to have Devon there.  He loves to say I won’t let him see his son, but the truth is that he doesn’t want to see his son.  He just wants to complain about not seeing him.  The last visit I arranged with him and for him, he found something more important to do:  get drunk and get in a fight.




“Hello, Police? My ex talked bad about me on FB.”

reported for slander on fb lol 2

It’s good to laugh, even in times of troubles.  It is also OK to laugh in times of troubles.  Laughing is good medicine.  So let’s laugh about being reported to the Sheriff’s Department for telling the ugly truth about my ex on Facebook.  I can’t apologize for his ignorance, but perhaps it can be explained by the fact that he has been smoking marijuana since the age of 11 years old all day, every day.  I’m talking from the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to sleep.  He has also been smoking his homemade wax for the past few years.  Wax has extremely high concentrations of THC.  It is a psychotropic and causes psychotic breaks, hallucinations, delusions and severe paranoia.  The process of making was is just as dangerous as the process of making meth.  One mistake and there is a huge explosion.  His little 1×1 wooden trailer wouldn’t stand a chance if he messed up the process.  There’s good money in the sales of wax though, so it’s a risk he doesn’t mind taking.

Unfortunately, it’s a risk his new girlfriend doesn’t mind taking either.  Of course, her having her 13 year old daughter under the same roof with him and being willing to risk her daughter’s innocence means she’s either not too bright or he’s got her snowed as he had me snowed.  It’s bit weird considering he’s dating Angie, his best friend Kris’ ex-wife, but I suppose JJ can date all his friends exes but his friends are not allowed to date his exes.  Such is life.  Hopefully either Kris or Angie will get their daughter out of JJ’s house before JJ rapes her.  We just have to wait and see.  I didn’t even send a warning to them like I normally do women he is interested in that have daughters.  He doesn’t date women that don’t have daughters around that age.  It’s part of his pattern.  The isolation should be beginning in the next couple of months.  That’s when I’ll know if he’s got her or not.  If Angie stays, he’s got her.

Over the past six months, I have seen him say he is taking me to court over a dozen times.  I suppose he is waiting for a smart person to stop by and fill out the paperwork for him.  He neither reads nor writes well.  He has never been able to comprehend legal documents.

I’ll be praying somebody saves that girl before it’s too late.


Mel, Saved by God’s Grace