“Hello, Police? My ex talked bad about me on FB.”

reported for slander on fb lol 2

It’s good to laugh, even in times of troubles.  It is also OK to laugh in times of troubles.  Laughing is good medicine.  So let’s laugh about being reported to the Sheriff’s Department for telling the ugly truth about my ex on Facebook.  I can’t apologize for his ignorance, but perhaps it can be explained by the fact that he has been smoking marijuana since the age of 11 years old all day, every day.  I’m talking from the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to sleep.  He has also been smoking his homemade wax for the past few years.  Wax has extremely high concentrations of THC.  It is a psychotropic and causes psychotic breaks, hallucinations, delusions and severe paranoia.  The process of making was is just as dangerous as the process of making meth.  One mistake and there is a huge explosion.  His little 1×1 wooden trailer wouldn’t stand a chance if he messed up the process.  There’s good money in the sales of wax though, so it’s a risk he doesn’t mind taking.

Unfortunately, it’s a risk his new girlfriend doesn’t mind taking either.  Of course, her having her 13 year old daughter under the same roof with him and being willing to risk her daughter’s innocence means she’s either not too bright or he’s got her snowed as he had me snowed.  It’s bit weird considering he’s dating Angie, his best friend Kris’ ex-wife, but I suppose JJ can date all his friends exes but his friends are not allowed to date his exes.  Such is life.  Hopefully either Kris or Angie will get their daughter out of JJ’s house before JJ rapes her.  We just have to wait and see.  I didn’t even send a warning to them like I normally do women he is interested in that have daughters.  He doesn’t date women that don’t have daughters around that age.  It’s part of his pattern.  The isolation should be beginning in the next couple of months.  That’s when I’ll know if he’s got her or not.  If Angie stays, he’s got her.

Over the past six months, I have seen him say he is taking me to court over a dozen times.  I suppose he is waiting for a smart person to stop by and fill out the paperwork for him.  He neither reads nor writes well.  He has never been able to comprehend legal documents.

I’ll be praying somebody saves that girl before it’s too late.


Mel, Saved by God’s Grace

The Drama King: Mel Goes Fishing

Found it….See at 2:21 where he is bitching about why I didn’t take D with me fishing and I replied if I had then he’d be bitching about that?


What you fail to realize, Johnny “The Molester” Jaramillo, is that all of my children, regardless of paternity, are my children and I pay attention to every single one of them.  No one gets more attention than the ones under my roof.  You should have paid more attention to what was in their best interest than you did your hard-ons and desires.  Had you done so, they would not have left your ass and divorced you back in 2010.

Scotti A DuGotti, I double dog dare you to bring your ignorant bitch ass to my doorstep and slap me.  You like talking shit about people you’ve never met before in your life?  Does it make you feel big and strong talking about hitting a woman?  You’re already supporting a child molester, so I guess hitting a woman is no big deal to you.  Bring it dumbass.  Let’s see if your balls are as big as your mouth.

“Now you can answer to Social Security.”


Oh look.  Somebody is angry.  I don’t recall what he was angry about that time.  I am curious to know what I did.  I will have to match the date with something I said or did that caused him Narcissistic Injury.  I think I am going to do this one a little differently.  I will go line by line.

To the tweeker!!!

I laughed when I saw that you felt the need to use three exclamation points.  One would have had the same effect without making you look ignorant.

And all those exclamation marks you notice?  Three?  A sure sign of someone who wears underpants on his head. (Terry Pratchett, Maskerade)

I am curious to know when you decided to come up with the tweeker lie.  Would you care to fill me in?  I didn’t think so.  Shall we discuss this?  Let’s make a comparison chart.

  JJ Mel
Have you ever been drug tested? Hair or urine?
How many times have you been tested?
Of those, how many did you fail/pass?
Ever been charged and found guilty of a drug related offense?
Ever been to prison for drugs?
Are you a drug dealer?
Are you employed?
How long have you been with your current employer?
Are your finances in order, bills not only paid but paid on time?
Yes, Both
Failed all, passed none
Yes, Both
Failed none, passed all
10 years

So let’s see….who has more indicators of being a tweeker, you or me?

Not done screwing with me yet? OK!

I am not sure I understand the question.  It is not really in question form.  If you mean by telling the truth about who you are and what you’ve done then I am “screwing you”, then the answer would be no.  I am not done yet.  I will not be done for a while longer.  Once you are securely behind bars where monsters like you belong, then I will stop and let Bubba take over.  Until then, I will continue telling the world who you really are.

Now you can answer to Social Security.

What would I have to answer to Social Security for?

I was not pursuing that.

You mean you had not thought of filing a false report against me with Social Security until now.

But now you want to start more.

Are you talking about me screwing with you again by exposing you to the world?  I never stopped.

Ok you got it!

Do you really think your silly little threats have any affect on me anymore?  You’ve reported me multiple times to multiple agencies already yet you still haven’t got a clue.  What possesses you to believe that you can file a false report without any evidence but your word, which means shit by the way, and they are simply going to believe you when all of the documentation says otherwise?

Hope you have fun dealing with the Federal Government!!! Smile

They are already aware of your antics.  Do you remember the Request for Production of Documents I sent to you?  I filed that Request in court as well.  I have also forwarded it to Social Security and the Bank.  A fraud investigation was initialized and that is why your father is now rep payee.  I love the way your idiot friends believe the bullshit that pours out of your mouth.  Here is the request I filed followed by the conversation we had regarding this very issue.  Enjoy the rest of your day.














Raping Him for Child Support, the Sequel

Because every fucking thing he said was bullshit.

If you read the first article regarding Child Support and John’s profession, then you saw his ‘business card’ for ‘JJ’s Automotive Repair and Restoration’ which reflects him being “ASE Certified”.  He is not computer literate and had me design and print those cards out for him.  The information on the cards was provided to me by him. How did I not know he wasn’t a real mechanic?  I didn’t know anything about certifications and never thought to check his credentials.  I trusted him and his story regarding certification was the same regardless of who he told it to.  Not one of his friends nor his parents said anything different nor did anyone correct him while he was teling his lies  I took him at his word.  My word is golden and I used to expect everyone else’s to be golden to them as well.  I no longer hold those expectations.I have also learned that ASE Certifications come in different areas and must be renewed each year.  You must hold certifications in all areas to be qualified as

I have also learned that ASE Certifications come in different areas and must be renewed each year.  You must hold certifications in all areas to be qualified as ASE Master Certified Automotive Technician.  I have seen Brian’s credentials and he has explained it all to me.  He has passed all of the tests and keeps his certifications up to date. Why would John lie about his education and profession?  You’ll have to ask him why he continues to lie about his education and profession.  In his own handwriting, on this ‘Fiduciary Statement in Support of Affifavit”, an official Government document used to certify him as his uncle’s fidicuary, he writes that he has a GED and he is indeed a mechanic.  On the back of the form, he signs his name under the statement, “I CERTIFY THAT the statements on this form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.”  It also asks about imprisonment and his answer was yet another lie.  He lists Buena High School as if he graduated and Cochise College as part of his education on his Facebook page.  According to Dr. Vaknin, this lying behavior is a classic Narcissistic Trait, which is number one on his list.

1. Feels grandiose and self-important (e.g., exaggerates accomplishments, talents, skills, contacts, and personality traits to the point of lying, demands to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements) ~ Dr. Sam Vaknin, author of Malignant Self-Love

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From “What You Need To Know” by Mary M. Alward, Inside the Abuser’s Mind, we learn that they blame others for their failure to succeed and they lie about anything and everything, regardless of importance.  They also believe their own lies but if you catch them in one and call them on it, the suffer Narcissistic Injury and try to lie themselves out of the lie or verbally assault you.  They cannot handle critisism at all.  That is one of the main differences between the Narcissist and the Narcissistic Sociopath.

Fantasies of Success
Abusers believe that they would be famous and rich if the victim and other people weren’t holding them back. Because he believes his failure in life is due to others, he feels he is justified in retaliating in any way he can, including physical and emotional abuse. He belittles, berates and puts others down, including the victim, to make himself feel more powerful.

Most abusers are liars. They lie to manipulate their victim by controlling information. They also lie to keep their victim, and others, off balance psychologically. This enables the abuser to gain control of every situation.

Abusers, both men and women, think of themselves as independent, self-sufficient, superior and strong. If someone criticizes them or says something that causes them to feel insulted, the feeling will cause them to react violently toward their victim. This is the only outlet that they know to use to quell feelings of inadequacy.

John refused to particiate in the divorce. He had plenty of time to file a response and make his desires known, but he wanted it all his way without having to do any of the work.  He didn’t get it his way.  I failed to comply with his demands.  Unhappy with the outcome because he was ordered to pay child support and I was granted sole custody, John went into a Narcissistic rage. He shot threats and insults at me through text messages, one right after the other. He then began carrying out the threats. I had never seen that side of him before and that is when I realized he is capable of anything.  I went to the courthouse and obtained an Order of Protection against him.   His reaction to the final decree is yet another trait of the Narcissistic Sociopath.

Abusers are extremely dominating to the point that they want to control everything that the victim does. If they don’t get their way, they act like spoiled children. On top of that, they use threats to get what they want. If you allow your abuser to dominate you, you will lose your self respect.

Once he stopped raging, he paid paralegal “JoJo Aguilar” to draw up a document titled, “Request for Reconsideration, Request for Relief from Final Order and Request to Amend Decree of Dissolution of Marriage“. I enjoy making pictures to tell parts of the story and this is a perfect place for one.

Request for Reconsideration Number 9

The portion of my Response to his request that address his item number nine is long.  I tried to be short, but there is no way I could get all the information I have which disputes his claim into just a few lies.  I believe my response was a bit too wordy, but what’s done is done.  I will be posting the documents in full at a later date. Today, I am only focusing on the Child Support portion which is directly related to his education and proffession. My response, if you can read through it all, great.  If not, I completely understand.

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He did file a reply to my response, yet it was after we had the hearing for his Requests which made his filing moot.

JJs reply to my response

So what did John have to say when I called him out on lying about his education and proffession? He posted it on Facebook for the world to see.  “Who cares what I know and what I don’t know as long as the job gets done.”  My reply to him is, “I hate to break it to you, but if you don’t know, then when the job gets done, it’s not done right.  I’m pretty sure the people who you represent yourself to as an educated professional in the field of automotive mechanics care about what you do and do not know.  People do not enjoy being ripped off and they certainly do not enjo have to take their vehicles to be repaired after they already paid you to repair them.  The courts also care about what you do and do not know.  Had you not lied to me about all of it for our entire marriage, the child support worksheet would have been filled out differently.  Blame me all you want, but you are the party at fault and it is your lies that tripped you up.”

Following his statement about what he does and does not know, he writes that he is the one who is real in all this mess.  A real what is my question.  A real fraud?  Yes.  A real liar?  Asolutely.  He cannot claim to be real when everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.  He is the epitomy of “FAKE“.  He states he has all the answers to everthing I am saying but he will not disclose them. Do you know what that type of ‘VAGUE’ behavior is?  It is another trait of the Narcissitic Sociopath.

Being Vague
Abusers think and speak vaguely to avoid their responsibilities. When asked why they are late or where they’ve been, answers will be vague. If their partners pursue the reason, the abuser becomes defensive and strikes out in order to remain in control of the situation.

Who cares what I know IM the one thats real I HAVE al the answers to everything shes saying

So what about that child support worksheet?  I followed the instructions based on the laws to fill it out.  For the arrears, his claim that I was awarded two years worth is false,  Arrears were dated back to February 2014, which was just after he moved out.  Why those fols he calls friends cannot see that his claims do not add up is beyond me.  He typically hangs out with the he feels are less intelligent than him or those he can manipulate easily.  Intelligent people are too much of a strugle for him to converse with.  Perhas they use words that he does not understand or perhaps they tire of his repetitive speak after a limited amount of time.  He cannot feel good about himself while conversing with those who are well-educated.  They make him feel stupid, which he is, but he doesn’t like to admit that little fact.  The truth is too hard for him to handle.  TRUTH HURTS.

Parents worksheet for child support original filed by petitioner

Child Support Arrears only to Feb 2014

Sorry guy.  I didn’t realize that everything you ever said was a lie and that you were so stupid and uneducated that you can’t hold down any type of job anywhere.  If you had been honest, there would’ve been nothing to fix.  Of course, I would’ve never moved in with you let alone procreated with you.

Oct 14 Child Support Fixed Decree Fixed Next

Well, at least he is a Facebook Certified Mechanic.  It is just a short distance away from a Master ASE Certified Automotive Technician and a tad bit better than a Cracker Jacks Certified Mechanic, but if people accept his Facebook app credentials and are willing to risk having to fix their cars over and over again, then it is their perogative and their money to throw away or let him rip the off if they so wish.

certified auto mechanic

Have a most wonderful day and don’t forget to make somebod smile.  Love changes people.

Mel, Saved by God’s Grace

Raping Him for Child Support

Because every fucking thing he said was bullshit.

When I met John, he was working for his mother’s cab company, AA Cab.  He was both a driver and a mechanic.  He performed all the maintenance and repairs on the Cabs.  He had attended Cochise College for a special automotive program that trained him, placed him to work at the local dealerships and allowed him to earn his ASE certification.  He burned out on the driving and stopped doing that, but he continued to maintain and repair the vehicles.  He began working on other people’s vehicles on the side.  He always talked about having his own shop someday.

1414384162344Mike Goodman, a friend of my Step-Father’s, had a place out in Palominas, Goodman Tires.  He was just getting up off the ground and hired John to run the shop and take care of the customers.  That didn’t go so well.  My Step-Father and Mother hired him to work on a restoration project as well as some repairs on their vehicles.  He had business cards made and would pass those out to his customers and they would refer others to him.  He made decent money when he was repairing vehicles.

fwordEventually, he rented a building on 6th Street and was working on getting his own business up and running.  JJ’s Automotive Repair and Restoration.  I don’t remember if it was before or after that, but he had a building out in West Gate, on the other side of Fort Huachuca for a short period of time as well.  We kept track of his jobs by way of work orders.  After a while, I was able to put some numbers together to determine how much we could expect to receive through his side work.  My parents decided to invest in him and purchased a piece of property in Palominas to build him a shop on.  They did the site tests, building plans, and were getting ready to secure the permits.  I drew up the business plan to take to the bank for a loan.  My parents were going to provide the capital until the loan was approved as well as provide the collateral to secure the loan.  All that was left to do was a little more paperwork and that was left up to John to accomplish.  John dropped the ball and failed his part of setting up the company.  My parents withdrew their support and that business never came about.

The rent on 6th Street didn’t get paid so he had to vacate the premises.  He was working out of the driveway for a while.  We came up with an idea to run a mobile automotive repair business.  We purchased the work truck and he started out OK.  Then he dropped the ball on that.  After that, he found a building in Whetstone.  There was a house on that property as well.  We rented the house an d the property.  He came up with the Hobby Shop idea.  He was planning a teen autoshop club where kids could learn to build cars and work towards earning their ASE certifications.

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.All hell broke lose.  His daughters broke their silence and revealed he had been sexually abusing them.  Child Protective Services came in and the family was torn apart.  The Hobby Shop progress halted and John moved on to be a volunteer at the autoshop at Buena High School.  As with the other things, that one didn’t last long either, he was fired from being a volunteer for selling weed at the school to the students and refusing to comply with the background check requirement.  There were a couple other jobs in there as well.  Bondurant RV and AT&G auto were the other two places he worked as a mechanic for.  Fast forward to 2014 when I finalized the divorce.  I had to fill out the Parent’s Worksheet for Child Support.  By law, if he is willfully unemployed, you can and should attribute the amount of income he would be making if he were employed in his profession.  I did that.  I attributed the average wage of an automotive mechanic to him since he is perfectly capable of working, yet he chooses not to and he had quit his last job.


He files with the court a Request for Reconsideration.  the child support amount is too much.  He can’t make that much.  He is not a mechanic and has never been a Mechanic.  He has no formal training as a mechanic.

EXCUSE ME?  Did I really just read those words right?  Indeed I did.  I filed a response with the above information.  He filed a reply stating I was mistaken and misinformed.  Seriously confused, I began making phone calls.  He did not quit his jobs.  He was fired.  He did not attend Cochise College.  He has never held an ASE Certification.  For 14 years, he lied to me and pretended to be something he wasn’t.  Now, I’m being accused of lying for putting down the information he provided me with on the court documents.  What else was a lie?  Everything.  Everything he ever spoke was a lie.  14 years of my life vanished out from under me.  Who was the person I married?  I had no clue but I set out to find out.

I will add the evidence in the next few days.  I am tired today.