Johnny’s Resilience and Ability to Stand up for Himself

No More Silence

I am very fortunate to have such wonderful and forgiving children.  Some of them are, anyway.  I’m talking about my step-children, although I never considered them steps.  They’ve always just been my kids with the other three.  In 2010, when the family disintegrated, I did not do things the way a good parent would have.  I was shocked, blindsided, hurt, and had been fed so many lies by John that I believed the lies and thought the truth was a lie.  I hurt my step-children.  I called them names.  I yelled and asked them why they were doing this to us and asked how they could do this to their own father.

Fast forward, they were doing what I taught them to do.  They were standing up for themselves and the truth even though they were standing up against their father and I.  I’m very proud of them for that.  It…

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The Drama King: Mel Goes Fishing

Found it….See at 2:21 where he is bitching about why I didn’t take D with me fishing and I replied if I had then he’d be bitching about that?


What you fail to realize, Johnny “The Molester” Jaramillo, is that all of my children, regardless of paternity, are my children and I pay attention to every single one of them.  No one gets more attention than the ones under my roof.  You should have paid more attention to what was in their best interest than you did your hard-ons and desires.  Had you done so, they would not have left your ass and divorced you back in 2010.

Scotti A DuGotti, I double dog dare you to bring your ignorant bitch ass to my doorstep and slap me.  You like talking shit about people you’ve never met before in your life?  Does it make you feel big and strong talking about hitting a woman?  You’re already supporting a child molester, so I guess hitting a woman is no big deal to you.  Bring it dumbass.  Let’s see if your balls are as big as your mouth.

Raping Him for Child Support

Because every fucking thing he said was bullshit.

When I met John, he was working for his mother’s cab company, AA Cab.  He was both a driver and a mechanic.  He performed all the maintenance and repairs on the Cabs.  He had attended Cochise College for a special automotive program that trained him, placed him to work at the local dealerships and allowed him to earn his ASE certification.  He burned out on the driving and stopped doing that, but he continued to maintain and repair the vehicles.  He began working on other people’s vehicles on the side.  He always talked about having his own shop someday.

1414384162344Mike Goodman, a friend of my Step-Father’s, had a place out in Palominas, Goodman Tires.  He was just getting up off the ground and hired John to run the shop and take care of the customers.  That didn’t go so well.  My Step-Father and Mother hired him to work on a restoration project as well as some repairs on their vehicles.  He had business cards made and would pass those out to his customers and they would refer others to him.  He made decent money when he was repairing vehicles.

fwordEventually, he rented a building on 6th Street and was working on getting his own business up and running.  JJ’s Automotive Repair and Restoration.  I don’t remember if it was before or after that, but he had a building out in West Gate, on the other side of Fort Huachuca for a short period of time as well.  We kept track of his jobs by way of work orders.  After a while, I was able to put some numbers together to determine how much we could expect to receive through his side work.  My parents decided to invest in him and purchased a piece of property in Palominas to build him a shop on.  They did the site tests, building plans, and were getting ready to secure the permits.  I drew up the business plan to take to the bank for a loan.  My parents were going to provide the capital until the loan was approved as well as provide the collateral to secure the loan.  All that was left to do was a little more paperwork and that was left up to John to accomplish.  John dropped the ball and failed his part of setting up the company.  My parents withdrew their support and that business never came about.

The rent on 6th Street didn’t get paid so he had to vacate the premises.  He was working out of the driveway for a while.  We came up with an idea to run a mobile automotive repair business.  We purchased the work truck and he started out OK.  Then he dropped the ball on that.  After that, he found a building in Whetstone.  There was a house on that property as well.  We rented the house an d the property.  He came up with the Hobby Shop idea.  He was planning a teen autoshop club where kids could learn to build cars and work towards earning their ASE certifications.

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.All hell broke lose.  His daughters broke their silence and revealed he had been sexually abusing them.  Child Protective Services came in and the family was torn apart.  The Hobby Shop progress halted and John moved on to be a volunteer at the autoshop at Buena High School.  As with the other things, that one didn’t last long either, he was fired from being a volunteer for selling weed at the school to the students and refusing to comply with the background check requirement.  There were a couple other jobs in there as well.  Bondurant RV and AT&G auto were the other two places he worked as a mechanic for.  Fast forward to 2014 when I finalized the divorce.  I had to fill out the Parent’s Worksheet for Child Support.  By law, if he is willfully unemployed, you can and should attribute the amount of income he would be making if he were employed in his profession.  I did that.  I attributed the average wage of an automotive mechanic to him since he is perfectly capable of working, yet he chooses not to and he had quit his last job.


He files with the court a Request for Reconsideration.  the child support amount is too much.  He can’t make that much.  He is not a mechanic and has never been a Mechanic.  He has no formal training as a mechanic.

EXCUSE ME?  Did I really just read those words right?  Indeed I did.  I filed a response with the above information.  He filed a reply stating I was mistaken and misinformed.  Seriously confused, I began making phone calls.  He did not quit his jobs.  He was fired.  He did not attend Cochise College.  He has never held an ASE Certification.  For 14 years, he lied to me and pretended to be something he wasn’t.  Now, I’m being accused of lying for putting down the information he provided me with on the court documents.  What else was a lie?  Everything.  Everything he ever spoke was a lie.  14 years of my life vanished out from under me.  Who was the person I married?  I had no clue but I set out to find out.

I will add the evidence in the next few days.  I am tired today.