So You’ve Filed for Custody

The claim is that I have not abided by the orders of the court since day 1.

The claim is that I refuse to allow him to participate in events related to my son’s health and well-being.

The claim is that I refuse to allow him to participate in my son’s life in any way, shape, or form.

The claims are close to 100% true. There are no rumors to dispell here.

It is in the best interests of my son’s health, well-being, and future for him not to have any type of contact with his father as his father is unfit to parent.

A.R.S. 25-414. Violation of visitation or parenting time rights; penalties
A. If the court, based on a verified petition and after it gives reasonable notice to an alleged violating parent and an opportunity for that person to be heard, finds that a parent has refused WITHOUT GOOD CAUSE to comply with a visitation or parenting time order….

A.R.S. 25-403. Legal decision-making; best interests of child
A. The court shall determine legal decision-making and parenting time, either originally or on petition for modification, in accordance with the best interests of the child. The court shall consider all factors that are relevant to the child’s physical and emotional well-being, including:

6. Which parent is more likely to allow the child frequent, meaningful and continuing contact with the other parent. THIS PARAGRAPH DOES NOT APPLY if the court determines that a parent is acting in good faith to protect the child from witnessing an act of domestic violence or being a victim of domestic violence or child abuse.

8. Whether there has been DOMESTIC VIOLENCE or CHILD ABUSE pursuant to section 25-403.03.

A.R.S. 25-403.03 states:  “A. Notwithstanding subsection D of this section, joint legal decision-making shall not be awarded if the court makes a finding of the existence of significant domestic violence pursuant to section 13-3601 or if the court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that there has been a significant history of domestic violence.”

Verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, continuous sexual abuse of a child, raping your own child, and child molestation are all considered domestic violence and child abuse under the law. Contributing to the delinquency and dependency of children is child abuse.  Failure to provide is neglect. Neglect is child abuse.  The  rest of the statute can be read here:

I cannot forget to mention his substance abuse issue (documentation goes back to when he was 11 years old) that caused all six kids to be removed in 2005 and was also an issue in 2010. He continues to place the family at risk. CPS would take my son out of his home if he went over there and he would never be returned. He’d stay in foster care forever.

A.R.S. 25-403.04. Substance abuse
Read here:

I will have the full list of statutes along with supporting documentation compiled here soon.  In the mean time, enjoy this short clip which ages Johnny from an infant to an adult and gives us a good look at who Johnny’s real father is.

A man deprived of raising his one and only son and a boy deprived of the love and companionship which can only come from a father.

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Cooking the Books – Smear Campaign

THE INJURY:  On July 18, 2014, my Petition for Dissolusion of Marriage with Child was granted and the Decree was signed.  John was more than aware that it was coming, he had been ushing me during the first half of the year to hurry up and finish it.  He just wanted it done.  I told him he needed to file a response to the Petition, but he did not want to.  He reviewed the paperwork BEFORE I filed it and was in agreement with it – at first.  When he began to disagree, I told him to file his grievances in his response.  He never filed anything.  The Divorce was granted by default.  Two days later, he returned our son to my home and picked up his copy of the decree.  NARCISSISTIC INJURY!  I was awarded sole custody-required by law, and child support based on his potential earnings-according to law.  I’m unsure if that was the cause of the injury or if it was actually being divorced that caused it.  I have a feeling he never thought I would actually get it finalized and maybe he had a chance to get me back.  After learning all I have learned about the physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and other abuses of the children carried out by him, there was not even a smidgeon of a chance.  The smear campaign had already begun multiple years before, yet I was not aware of anything going on.  I started becoming aware in late 2013 and by March 2014, I was well aware of the beginnings of the attacks against me.  I have been dealing with his relentless smear campaign against me ever since.

THE LIE:  “She’s been cooking the books for [Organization I work for] for years, paying personal bills…$3,000 Disneyland trip paid with [Org] money,….”

THE THREAT:  “You won’t have a job by the time I’m through with you!  I’m going to the courts and telling them you steal from your job and I’ll testify to it to put you in prison!  That includes taking down the Company you work for!”

THE TRUTH:  I have taken out employee loans over the years to pay some household bills because JOHN refused to get a job and help with the family’s financial responsibilities and would spend the money set aside for bills on drugs instead.  He once took out a loan on my truck to pay off a drug debt and never pain the loan.  They took my truck because of his failure to pay.

THE EVIDENCE:  John’s threats to me in text messages, John’s statement to the accountant’s office (my employments tax accountant), response from my employer regarding John’s allegations, my promissory note detailing weekly repayments deducted directly from my paycheck and John’s statements posted on various Facebook pages.

He says he is going to sue me for slander.  He does not know the meaning of the word.  He can ‘slander’ me but I cannot tell the truth about him.  He believes he is above the law.  He attempted to have me arrested for telling the truth on Facebook.  He literally called the police and attempted to file a report against me for talking about him on Facebook.  I am also waiting for Social Security to contact me regarding him reporting me to them.  For what, I have no clue, but I am sure he has made up a pretty good story and that I have in one of my evidence boxes proof that he filed another false report against me.  False report number 12 or 20, I don’t know.  I stopped counting.

Abusers feel they are superior to others and don’t have to follow the rules of society. This is also the attitude of hundreds of criminals in prisonsworld wide. Inmates often believe that while other inmates are guilty of their crimes that they aren’t. Abusers feel it is always their partners who need counseling and that they can take care of their life without help or support from others. ~ What you need to know, Mary M. Alward

The anger of narcissists, on the other hand, can be more demeaning. Their criticism evolves from their conviction that others don’t meet their lofty standards–or worse, aren’t letting them get their own way. “Narcissistic injuries,” or wounds to the ego, often pave the way for narcissistic rages, which can be passive-aggressive or planned out, as well as sudden. They are above you and you have displeased them and probably deserve punishment they will dole out. ~ Blame-Storms and Rages

Of course it has to be my fault for following the law.  There’ s no way it could have anything to do with him beating and molesting the children or having all the children permanently removed from his care and custody by Child Protective Services (he filed a false report against me to them, too, on the same day as the report to the tax accaountant) or most certainly not his being stripped of all parental rights to three-fourths of his children.

My ex is making me who I am right now. ~ John Jaramillo


~Mel, Saved by God’s Grace

A few of the many texts he sent
A few of the many texts he sent

NEXT UP:  Raping Him for Child Support