Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire.

  There are FIVE different emotional abuses in these two posts.  You wonder why my son doesn’t trust you, JJ?  You will know on Friday.  I will not allow you to cause my child any harm.  We have been over this before.  If you want a visit, you already know what you have to do.  You would rather spend your money on drugs and alcohol than on visiting with my son.  In case you’ve forgotten, review the You-Tube under this posting.  Thank you and have a nice day.
Because every fucking thing he said was bullshit.
Devon said he is not falling for the truck trick.  Each child has “had” their first vehicle in JJ’s possession and each child has had their first vehicle sold by JJ before they even had a chance to drive it.  Just like JJ got a dirt bike for Devon.  JJ and Devon were going to fix it up nice and Devon was going to learn how to ride.  JJ sold it on Craigslist.  Deven never did learn to ride.  At least my boyfriend worked on it a little with Devon and got it running.  That’s more than JJ has ever done.


He’s made 3 child support payments, December, January, and March, since the day the divorce was finalized on July 18, 2014. He can visit with Devon anytime he pleases. All he has to do is call Milly and schedule the visit. Milly will call me and I will be sure to have Devon there.  He loves to say I won’t let him see his son, but the truth is that he doesn’t want to see his son.  He just wants to complain about not seeing him.  The last visit I arranged with him and for him, he found something more important to do:  get drunk and get in a fight.




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