“Hello, Police? My ex talked bad about me on FB.”

reported for slander on fb lol 2

It’s good to laugh, even in times of troubles.  It is also OK to laugh in times of troubles.  Laughing is good medicine.  So let’s laugh about being reported to the Sheriff’s Department for telling the ugly truth about my ex on Facebook.  I can’t apologize for his ignorance, but perhaps it can be explained by the fact that he has been smoking marijuana since the age of 11 years old all day, every day.  I’m talking from the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to sleep.  He has also been smoking his homemade wax for the past few years.  Wax has extremely high concentrations of THC.  It is a psychotropic and causes psychotic breaks, hallucinations, delusions and severe paranoia.  The process of making was is just as dangerous as the process of making meth.  One mistake and there is a huge explosion.  His little 1×1 wooden trailer wouldn’t stand a chance if he messed up the process.  There’s good money in the sales of wax though, so it’s a risk he doesn’t mind taking.

Unfortunately, it’s a risk his new girlfriend doesn’t mind taking either.  Of course, her having her 13 year old daughter under the same roof with him and being willing to risk her daughter’s innocence means she’s either not too bright or he’s got her snowed as he had me snowed.  It’s bit weird considering he’s dating Angie, his best friend Kris’ ex-wife, but I suppose JJ can date all his friends exes but his friends are not allowed to date his exes.  Such is life.  Hopefully either Kris or Angie will get their daughter out of JJ’s house before JJ rapes her.  We just have to wait and see.  I didn’t even send a warning to them like I normally do women he is interested in that have daughters.  He doesn’t date women that don’t have daughters around that age.  It’s part of his pattern.  The isolation should be beginning in the next couple of months.  That’s when I’ll know if he’s got her or not.  If Angie stays, he’s got her.

Over the past six months, I have seen him say he is taking me to court over a dozen times.  I suppose he is waiting for a smart person to stop by and fill out the paperwork for him.  He neither reads nor writes well.  He has never been able to comprehend legal documents.

I’ll be praying somebody saves that girl before it’s too late.


Mel, Saved by God’s Grace

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