The Drama King: Mel Goes Fishing

Found it….See at 2:21 where he is bitching about why I didn’t take D with me fishing and I replied if I had then he’d be bitching about that?


What you fail to realize, Johnny “The Molester” Jaramillo, is that all of my children, regardless of paternity, are my children and I pay attention to every single one of them.  No one gets more attention than the ones under my roof.  You should have paid more attention to what was in their best interest than you did your hard-ons and desires.  Had you done so, they would not have left your ass and divorced you back in 2010.

Scotti A DuGotti, I double dog dare you to bring your ignorant bitch ass to my doorstep and slap me.  You like talking shit about people you’ve never met before in your life?  Does it make you feel big and strong talking about hitting a woman?  You’re already supporting a child molester, so I guess hitting a woman is no big deal to you.  Bring it dumbass.  Let’s see if your balls are as big as your mouth.

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